636 DAY FAQs

636 DAY FAQ:

Q: Is 636 Day free to attend?
A: YES! 636 Day is free and open to all.

Q: What time are the band playing?
A: Check out our EVENTS page to plan your visit.

Q: Is this an event appropriate for families and small children?
A: YES! We will have lots of activities for all ages. Check out our EVENTS page to plan your visit.

Q: What time does 636 Day begin and end?
A: 636 Day opens to the public at 4 PM. Music and activities will contiune till 10 PM.

Q: Where is Frenchtown and the 636 Day festival located?
A: 636 Day will take place in the heart of Frenchtown on Second Street between Lawrence and French Street.

Q: Is there parking?
A: YES! Parking avaiakble along 2nd street, 3rd Street and the Steel Shop parking lot.

Q: Will there be food, drink, and beer be available?
A: YES! Enjoy our Frenchtown stables, Good News, La Belle Vie, and Bike Stop Cafe. Also we will have some new favorites popping up just for 636 Day. Learn more in the EVENTS and plan your visit!

Q: How do I apply to be a vender at 636 Day?
A: Fill out the vendor application HERE.

Q: Can my business sponsor 636 Day?
A: YES! HERE is a link to the sponsor ship packet.

Q: Can I or a group of friends volunteer at 636 Day? Are there any perks?

A: YES! You will get a free t-shirt. HERE is the volunteer application.